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It all started with a vision.

In 2009, we began to dream about a new life.

A life centered around food, farming and sustainability.

A life revolving around the natural rhythms of the earth.

A life that allowed us to truly connect with God, people and the planet.

This vision led us to a three acre family farm that needed a little love (that's putting it mildly!). We slowly breathed new life into the house, the barn and the land... and it has been so good to us.

Our land produced more than we needed, so in 2015 we put up a farm stand to sell our excess produce, hoping to make a little cash to offset my addiction to buying seeds (it's bad, friends. I have no self-control when those seed catalogs arrive in the mail!).

Little did we know putting up that little farm stand would profoundly change our lives.

Once we invited people to stop by our farm, they came in droves. We met so many wonderful people and made amazing connections. Our community began to grow and strengthen...all because of a farm stand!

In 2015, my husband, John, decided we needed more beauty in our life. He announced that he was going to grow dahlias (a type of flower, pictured below). I was in shock because: 1. He had never grown anything in his whole life, and 2. Neither one of us even knew what a dahlia was or how to grow them!

We jokingly called ourselves Team Flower (John) and Team Vegetable (Lori), and made a bet who would sell more over the summer.

By 2016, John had fallen hard for the dahlias. He joined the West Michigan Dahlia Association and told me he was going to plant 700 dahlias.

I told him he was insane.

By the end of the 2016 growing season, I was in love too - with the flowers... and even more in love with this man who grew them for me.

Turns out his idea wasn't insane. It was amazing.

I humbly admitted defeat and begged John to allow me on Team Flower. While my heart is still devoted to vegetable production, the flowers touched my soul in deep, indescribable ways. I simply cannot live without them anymore.


Many of our customers express the same sentiment - they just can't live without the flowers anymore!

 There is something about flowers that makes us open up and connect with others on intimate levels.

Complete strangers come to the stand to buy flower and share their stories with me - stories of joy and happiness, stories of weariness and brokenness... and some stories that bring me to tears.

I feel so honored to be part of their story and I love knowing that our work is helping to make this world a little bit brighter and more beautiful.

 No matter what their story, everyone leaves our farm with a smile on their face. We discovered the beauty of flowers is deeply powerful and deeply healing.

We invite you to come experience it for yourself.

~John and Lori Hernandez