1. Where are you located?

  • 9973 Homerich Ave. SW Byron Center, MI 49315
  • We are in Byron Center, about 4 miles west of Highway 131. Take the 100th St. Exit and head west until you reach Homerich Ave. If you pass Wilson Ave, you've gone too far!

2. When are you open?

  • During the growing season, the Farm Stand is open every day, dawn to dusk. I stock it daily with veggies from our garden, cut flowers (sold by the stem) and bouquets. There is a drop box for cash or check (made out to "Three Acre Farm").
  • The U-Pick Flower Garden is open:
    • Wednesday: 9-12
    • Friday: 9-12
    • Saturday: 9-12
  • ***Hours subject to change, depending on the weather. Check our Facebook page for updates before planning your visit!***

3. Why isn't the U-Pick Flower Farm open all the time?

  • Flowers do not like being cut in the heat of the day. A flower cut mid-day will last half as long as a flower cut in the morning or evening. I want you to have the best flowers with the longest vase life possible, so we avoid cutting during mid-day
  • The U-Pick Flower Garden is staffed by just little old me. :) Unfortunately, I can't be out there all day, every day, or my family would starve (oy, they really need to learn how to feed themselves! Ha!). I've discovered that most people like to have a little guidance when cutting flowers, so I created set hours where I'm able to personally assist you!
  • Ummm... want the REAL reason? It's because I'm an Introvert. Three Acre Farm seems to attract the most amazing people and I just LOVE welcoming new people and sharing the wonder of our farm with them. However, in typical Introvert fashion, being around people leaves me drained (all you Introverts out there, you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about!), even though I love it. In order for our farm to be sustainable, I need "off" days/hours so I can keep loving and serving others.

4. Are you certified Organic?

  • No. However, I consider our products to be "Beyond Organic" - we're truly doing our best to mimic nature and seek natural solutions. The main reason we bought this farm was because we wanted to grow our own safe, healthy pesticide free food and know EXACTLY how it was grown, from seed to harvest. We do not use ANY toxic sprays on our farm. I love knowing that our food is always safe to taste, touch and smell.

5. Do you arrange flowers for weddings or events?

  • Sorry, not at this time. In the future, I might be able to provide this service but for now running a farm and caring for my family fills all the hours in my day!

6. Do you teach classes?

  • Plans are in the works for classes! My background is teaching and art. I love helping people explore their creative side. If you have any class suggestions, I would love to hear them!

7. How do I pay? Do you take credit/debit cards?

  • At this point, we accept cash and checks made out to "Three Acre Farm".
  • When you stop by the Farm Stand, there is a drop box for money/check. Sorry, we are not able to make change.
  • When the U-Pick Flower Garden is open, we CAN make change for you, since we will be there to help you with your purchases.