1. Where are you located?

  • 9973 Homerich Ave. SW Byron Center, MI 49315

  • We are in Byron Center, about 4 miles west of Highway 131. Take the 100th St. Exit and head west until you reach Homerich Ave. If you pass Wilson Ave, you've gone too far!


2. When is the Farm Stand Open?

  • Mid-May through early June for plant sales.

  • Late June through early October for flowers and veggies.

  • Tuesday - Saturday, 8am - 8pm

  • There is a drop box for cash or check (made out to "Three Acre Farm").

3. When is the U-pick flower garden open?

Click HERE for information about the U-Pick Flower Garden.

4. How do I pay? Do you take credit/debit cards?

  • We accept cash and checks made out to "Three Acre Farm".

  • When you stop by the Farm Stand, there is a drop box for money/check. Sorry, we are not able to make change.

  • We accept cash, check or credit card during U-Pick Flower Garden hours.  CREDIT CARD PAYMENT OPTION ONLY AVAILABLE DURING U-PICK HOURS.

5. Why isn't the U-Pick Flower Farm open all the time?

  • Flowers do not like being cut in the heat of the day. A flower cut mid-day will last half as long as a flower cut in the morning or evening. I want you to have the best flowers with the longest vase life possible, so we avoid cutting during mid-day.

  • The flowers need a few days between picking to "ripen".

  • The U-Pick Flower Garden is staffed by just little old me. :) I've discovered that most people like to have a little guidance when cutting flowers, so I created set hours where I'm able to personally assist you!

6. Can we take family/senior/engagement photos at your farm?

  • We charge a $25/hr sitting fee for the use of our farm for photography sessions, due upon arrival. We accept cash or check made out to "Three Acre Farm".

  • You are welcome to contact us to make an appointment on Monday and Thursday evenings ONLY. The farm is our home property and everything is literally in our backyard. Thank you for respecting our need for boundaries and privacy.

  • Arrive promptly at your appointed time. If we have to wait more than 15 minutes, then the session will be canceled and we will not reschedule. Our time is extremely valuable and so is yours.

  • If you need to cancel, please give us 24 hours notice. Of course, weather can be unpredictable and we understand that.

  • We reserve the right to deny a session for any reason. We do not allow sessions unless we are home and available to supervise.

  • Be sure to visit first during our U-Pick Flower Garden hours to see if our farm is the right fit. If you are imagining rows and rows of flowers in bloom, you might be disappointed. The whole point of a Cutting Garden is to cut all the flowers BEFORE they are in full bloom. :) We cut flowers daily, so the flowers you see on the day you visit might be completely gone when you arrive for your session.

  • This is a working farm, with lots of electric fences, mud, manure, free ranging chickens and dirt. DO NOT ALLOW CHILDREN TO WANDER.

  • You may take photos in front of the barn, but NOT inside the barn.


FANTASY: What people imagine our farm looks like…

FANTASY: What people imagine our farm looks like…

REALITY: What our farm looks like most of the time… lots of stakes, plastic and plants with no blooms.

REALITY: What our farm looks like most of the time… lots of stakes, plastic and plants with no blooms.

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7. Do you arrange flowers for weddings or events?

  • Sorry, not at this time. In the future, I might be able to provide this service but for now running a farm and caring for my family fills all the hours in my day!

8. Do you teach classes or speak at events?

  • My background is teaching and art. I love helping people explore their creative side and learn how to live an more intentional life. Use the contact form below to inquire about classes, events or speaking engagements.

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9. I'M interested in starting a farm too. Can I "Pick Your brain" or set up a farm tour?

  • Sorry, I get multiple request each week like this... and I quite simply don't have time for it at this point. I need to focus all my attention on serving my customers right now. Thanks for understanding.

  • Spring, Summer and Fall are absolutely insane on the farm. If you contact me with a "pick your brain" type request, know that I will not have time to respond until winter.

  • In the future, I may offer paid classes, a consulting service or an annual farm tour so I can address some of these questions and requests.

  • In the meantime, I suggest you go to your local library and read EVERY SINGLE BOOK you can get your hands on about farming, starting a small business and marketing. Do the work and put in the time. I read/researched for 8 years before starting the farm. Also, check out the resources and classes at your local Small Business Development Center. Best wishes!