While we do not offer floral services at this time, perhaps you are the DIY type who loves to be involved in all parts of event planning!

U-Pick flowers might be the perfect answer for the DIY bride or event planner.  Picking flowers can be a fun element of preparation and great way to unwind.

However, a word of caution: Picking, stripping, conditioning, prepping and arranging flowers for a wedding or large event is not as easy as it looks.

I want to be totally up front with you and let you know what you are getting yourself into :) 

Floral design is a lot of work and VERY time consuming. Unless you have experience handling and arranging flowers, you might want to leave this job to the professionals that have years of training and experience!

Please consider these questions before contacting us: 

1. Do you have enough time?

Your wedding week will likely be hectic and it's easy to underestimate how much time floral design will take. The work will need to be completed over the course of a few days. There are many steps, such as:

  • Picking/stripping the flowers 2-3 days before the wedding
  • Transporting the cut flowers safely (they MUST be transported inside a cool vehicle, NOT the back of a truck - the sun will wilt the flowers!) to your cooler/storage space. You can covert a bedroom into a cooler by installing a window air conditioner and setting it at it's coolest setting
  •  Conditioning (resting) the cut flowers overnight in the cooler/storage space before arranging
  • Crafting bouquets and arrangements 1-2 days before the wedding
  • Storing bouquets and arrangements in your cooler/storage space
  • Transporting the flowers to the reception site
  • Transporting the flowers to the wedding site

2. Do you have enough help? 

When florist are prepping for a wedding, it's usually 2-3 experienced florists working for 2 days to get everything ready. 

Do you have someone to help you transport the flowers to where they need to be? 

3. Do you have an adequate work space?

Floral design is messy, so you need a cool indoor space (heat will make the flowers wilt, so air conditioning is a MUST) that you don't mind getting wet and messy.

4. Do you have a way to safely transport all the arrangements and bouquets without crushing them or spilling water all over your vehicle? 

Yeah, been there, done that. It's not fun. :( 



If we haven't scared you off (sorry, just being honest!), and you think you're a good fit for DIY flowers, we highly recommend you visit a week ahead of time during our U-Pick hours to pick flowers for a "trial run" (and see what is in bloom). 

Yes, it means you are picking twice, but this will help you avoid a major "Pinterest Fail".  :)

A few other notes:

  • Sorry, we cannot guarantee or reserve flowers. We grow seasonal flowers, which can vary greatly on their bloom times depending on the weather. 
  • Click here to see our list of flowers we grow. The list will be updated periodically. 
  • Click here to see the approximate bloom times of the flowers we grow. 
  • Visit during our regular U-Pick Flower Garden hours and plan on arriving early for best selection. Flowers last longest when picked in the cool of the morning! 
  • Plan on being flexible :)