Our family purchased this farm in 2010. The 1880's farmhouse and barn were in need of lots of love. We've slowly and steadily been bringing the farm back to life.

On our farm, you will find:

Laying Hens

We keep a flock around 20 to keep our family in eggs. Yes, we eat a LOT of eggs! Occasionally, we have eggs to sell. The ladies are truly free-ranging, allowed to wander around the farm (watch your step! Free range birds means free range poop!). They are supplemented with certified Organic feed, but prefer to forage for their own food. They do a great job keeping our pest insect population to a minimum!


Honestly, we keep goats because of their poop! Composted goat manure makes fantastic natural fertilizer for our gardens. The goats also keep the pastures mowed down. Also let's face it - goats are fun. Have you ever seen baby goats in sweaters?!? Totes adorbs.



We keep 1-3 hives going each year. Some years we collect surplus honey for our family, some years we don't. Regardless, the bees offer excellent pollination services for the garden and we love working alongside them in the vegetable and flower gardens. Honeybees are very docile and we find their presence to be soothing and comforting! We hope you will too.


Vegetable and Herb Garden

Our garden is comprised of about 30 raised beds. We grow nearly everything you can think of. We start harvesting asparagus in May and harvest carrots even in the dead of winter. I always enjoy being in the garden (even in January!), but it's an especially beautiful place to be in the summer, surrounded by the birds, bees and butterflies!


U- Pick Flower Garden

We firmly believe that if everyone could pick flowers each day, world peace would be a reality, not a fantasy! Nothing is more soothing and healing to the soul than picking flowers and surrounding yourself with beauty. Come see for yourself!