Here at Three Acre Farm, we are committed to:

  • Growing our products using healthy, safe, sustainable and environmentally responsible methods. Rest assured that we care as deeply for the health and safety of YOUR family as we do our own!


  • Making sure our flowers and produce are not treated or sprayed with harmful chemicals. Touch, taste and smell with no fear!


  • Creating inviting gardens that are beautiful, productive and life-giving for all creatures, including birds, bees, butterflies, and of course, humans! There is truly no place we would rather be than the garden, and we think you will feel the same way!


  • Forming meaningful relationships that strengthen the community.


  • Offering you gorgeous flowers and produce that you can feel good about purchasing, knowing you are voting with your dollar to support sustainable farming!


  • Providing you with the freshest seasonal flowers and produce available.


  • Promoting awareness about the need for local economies and reducing "food/flower miles". Did you know that 80% of flowers sold in the USA are imported from all corners of the globe, causing massive amounts of carbon emissions? Our flowers and produce are grown right here in West Michigan and sold right here in West Michigan.