7 Ways You Can Help the Boverhof Family

Our mission here at Three Acre Farm is to bring beauty, brightness, hope and healing to a hurting world.

From the beginning, we realized we are growing more than flowers. We are growing kindness. Compassion. Generosity. Community.

Saturday, September 21 is our last day of U-Pick Flowers and we have something special in mind that the Lord has placed on our hearts. 

We want to invite YOU to be part of our story and join in our mission.

On Saturday, September 21 from 9am - Noon, we will hold a “U-Pick Flowers” fundraiser for our neighbors, the Boverhof family, who are in great need at this time. 

100% of our U-Pick Flower Garden and Farm Stand proceeds on Saturday, Sept. 21 will benefit the Boverhof family.

Peter and Sara Boverhof are our neighbors and our kids go to school together. They have 7 children, ranging from high school to preschool. Peter is self employed and the sole breadwinner for their family of 9. Sara struggles with auto-immune disorders that make daily life a challenge.

On Saturday, July 20, Peter was cutting down limbs after a storm damaged trees on their property. He fell from a height of about 15 feet and fractured 3 vertebra in his neck and part of his skull. 

After over a month in the hospital and rehabilitation, Peter is home with his family. He is in a wheelchair and has regained some feeling in a few parts of his body. No one knows what to expect and the future is daunting. 

New challenges are arising daily and the Boverhofs need help, especially regarding transportation, meals, homecare and staggering medical bills. 

You can watch a video about Peter’s accident HERE

Friends, if you find it in your heart to bring HOPE and HEALING to this family, we’d love for you to come out on Saturday and help in whatever way you can.

Can’t make it on Saturday? Please read below for other ways you can help.

Thank you for helping us fulfill our mission of bringing beauty, brightness, hope and healing to a hurting world.

7 Ways You Can Help the Boverhof Family

  1. Fundraiser at Three Acre Farm: Come to the farm on Saturday, September 21 from 9am - Noon, pick some flowers and help a family in need at the same time. 100% of the day’s proceeds will benefit the Boverhof family.

  2. “Love for the Boverhof Family” Go Fund Me Page: This is the Go Fund Me page set up to help cover medical costs, groceries, bills, etc. CLICK HERE TO DONATE.

  3. Transportation: This is a HUGE issue right now. The Boverhofs are having a very difficult time finding a handicap accessible vehicle that can fit 9 people. They are forced to rent a vehicle to get Peter to his appointments. Their family van is also breaking down and Sara has been without transportation or stranded many times in the last few weeks. Any leads on a vehicle would be appreciated… and obviously funding to help purchase the vehicle.  

  4. Meal Train: Sara does not have time to prepare meals for the family at this time. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP.

  5. Household Help: Mornings are difficult at the Boverhof house. An additional person is needed in the mornings to help get breakfast ready, kids ready for school, lunches packed, laundry, etc. Sara needs to devote her time and energy to helping Peter with his needs in the morning. 

  6. New Flooring in the Kitchen and Bathroom: Peter’s wheelchair is damaging the flooring and it needs to be replaced. Donations of flooring materials and installation are appreciated. 

  7. PRAY - Prayer Requests from Sara:

    1. Pray that Peter’s shoulder starts feeling less painful so therapy can continue to work with him building strength and skills.

    2. Pray for continued health and strength for me as I continue to care for my love as well as trying to give my kiddos the care and attention they need as well as keep everything straight for who needs to be where when and all that mom duty stuff.

    3. Please pray for my kiddos. It has been so hard for them to see their daddy not be able to do what he loves or wants to do. A couple have been pretty upset this week about it and it breaks my heart.