2018 Women's Day Out

For over the past 4 years, I’ve had the privilege to volunteer weekly at my local food pantry, the Buist Community Assistance Center (BCAC). It’s truly an incredible organization that has transformed the lives of SO MANY people in West Michigan… including me. 

Several times a week, I would drive past the BCAC and one day I heard God whisper to me “You need to go there.” What? Why? I tried to ignore Him, but as many of you know, God is persistent and will not be ignored! Ha! 

After a few weeks of trying to ignore the voice, I finally said "FINE! I'll do it!" and pulled my car into the parking lot. With butterflies in my stomach, I walked in the door and told the woman at the front desk “Ummm… I’m not sure why I’m here, but God told me to come in. I feel kind of weird about this. I think I'm here to volunteer? Do you need help?” 

Unfazed by my awkward introduction (I’d later learn this kind of stuff happens ALL THE TIME at the BCAC), the woman smiled and said “Yes! Here, I’ll show you around!” After a whirlwind tour and a filled out application form, she waved at me and said “I’ll see you next week!”

The rest is history. The pantry has become my second home, the place where I feel deep connection with God and my community. Serving at the pantry is hands down the highlight of my week.

Every 2 years, the BCAC hosts a “WOMEN'S DAY OUT”, a day of relaxation, refreshment and encouragement for women in our community. There are inspirational speakers, a time of worship, continental breakfast and a catered lunch... oh, and door prizes! 

This year's theme is "Plugging In", based on the verses in John 15 about how we need to stay connected and "plugged in" to Jesus. 


Saturday, January 27, 2018

9:00am- 3:00pm (doors open at 8:00am for the Continental Breakfast)

inSpirit Church

870 74th St. SW

Byron Center, MI 49315



Imagine my surprise when I was asked to be one of the speakers for the Women’s Day Out!

 My first thought was “No way! I’m not qualified for this!”... but God began to speak in my heart, and I like I said earlier, He will not be ignored! 

This is my official invitation to any women in the West Michigan area who find themselves in need of refreshment, inspiration and connection.



  • The Keynote speaker, Denise Evans is sure to delight. Denise works tirelessly to promote healthy families, relationships and communities in Grand Rapids.


  • Worship Leaders Stacey Carpenter and Dawn Bouman will be blessing us with their joy-filled hearts and musical talents. 


  • I’ll be telling the story of how Three Acre Farm came to fruition and sharing lessons I’ve learned on the topic of “Intentional Living: From Surviving to Thriving”.


  • My friend, Katie Kimball, the founder of the popular “Kitchen Stewardship” blog and the creator of the “Kids Cook Real Food” online cooking class will be there talking about “Faith, Family and Food! Connect the Dots”.


  • Barb Williams from the Grand Rapids Dream Center will be talking about “Connecting with Your Community”.


  • Susan VandePol, author of “Life After Breath” and founder of “Families of the Fallen” will be speaking about “Abiding: The Key to True Beauty”.


  • Janee’ Beville, from Centennial Park Counseling, will be discussing the topic of “Anxiety: Living Moment to Moment”. 

You can sign up:

We are so excited about what God has in store for this event!

Hope to see you there! 

In Him,