6 Reasons to Support American Grown Flowers

Today is the kick off of American Flowers Week!

Here is an excerpt from the American Flowers Week website explaining what this week is all about:

What is American Flowers Week?

Launched in 2015, AFW is a week-long celebration of domestic flowers to raise consumer awareness and unite America’s flower farmers with the U.S. floral industry. The dates coincide with Independence Day (June 28-July 4, 2016).

What is the purpose?

The goal of American Flowers Week is to engage the public, policymakers and the media in a conversation about the origins of their flowers. As an advocacy effort, the campaign is timed to coincide with America’s Independence Day on July 4th, providing florists, retailers, wholesalers and flower farmers a patriotic opportunity to promote American grown flowers.

As a first year flower farmer, I'm excited that I can help raise awareness about the importance of American grown flowers.

Did you know that 80% of the flowers sold in the USA are imported?

In a time when America is working hard to keep jobs from leaving the country, it just makes sense to support American farm businesses. Just think of all the jobs that could be created! Each week, 2000 farmers go out of business and lose their job because of lack of support. We can change this!

Also, think of all the non- renewable fossil fuels that could be saved by purchasing locally grown blooms, instead of flowers shipped halfway around the world on jetliners. Locally grown flowers are the responsible choice as we face a future of dwindling resources.

6 Reasons to Support American Grown Flowers

1. You support local jobs and economy.

2. Your flowers create a smaller transportation footprint.

3. You help preserve farmland in all 50 states.

4. You know the source of your purchases through honesty and transparency in flower labeling.

5. You connect with farmers and their flowers.

6. You promote more sustainable and environmentally-sound practices.


Our flower farm will be open for business soon and I'm incredibly thankful for your interest, excitement and support.

I love being surrounded by incredible people like YOU who value stewardship, sustainability and community connections. You are the people working hard to make the world a better place for future generations, through your thoughtful and intentional choices. 

I will be sure to keep you updated on the progress of our flowers... I had truly hoped we would be able to open today to celebrate American Flowers Week, but those flowers grow at their own pace and no amount of coaxing and pleading is making them grow faster. Ha! Thank you for your endless patience. I promise it will be worth it!