Take home part of the Three Acre Farm! We grow a variety of plant starts you can cultivate in your OWN garden! All plants are started right on the farm (in our 1880's farmhouse basement) and lovingly tended to ensure your gardening success.

These are varieties that we grow in our garden, the tried and true favorites after years of experimenting... and few new varieties we try for fun. Most are grown from Organic seed, which means they are well suited to be grown in your organic garden. No need for toxic pesticides!

$3.50 EACH or 3/$10

Tomatoes - $3.50

  • BRANDYWINE- One of the best tasting tomatoes out there! When people think of "Heirloom Tomatoes", Brandywine is at the top of the list. Fruits are huge, up to 1 1/2 pounds each! If you haven't tried one, you are missing out!


  • KELLOGG'S BREAKFAST - A beautiful beefsteak variety that was preserved by Darrell Kellogg, of Redford, MI. Very flavorful and sweet!


  • SOLD OUT! GERMAN PINK - Wow! This tomato has it all - good looks, fabulous taste, nice size and very few seeds. Originally from Bavaria, it made it's debut in America in 1883. Makes a great all-purpose tomato - wonderful for slicing, juicing, canning and freezing. Fruits weigh 1-2 pounds and have a full, sweet flavor. One of my personal favorites!


  • SOLD OUT!!! CHEROKEE PURPLE - Hands down the best tomato I've ever tasted! Don't let the unusual look turn you off - some might call it "ugly", but I call it "misunderstood". The flavor is out of this world! The "shoulders" (top) of the tomato often remain green, but the underside turns a lovely pink/purple color when ripe.
  • PINK BERKLEY TIE-DYE - Well, I didn't think any tomato would ever come close to the flavor of Cherokee Purple, but when I grew in Pink Berkley Tie-Dye last year, I had a hard time deciding which one is the best! Pink Berkley Tie-Dye certainly wins the award when it comes to good looks. They are quite possibly the most beautiful tomatoes I have ever seen, with a deep pink background and stripes of metallic yellow-green. Stunning appearance and taste - what more could you ask for?!?


  • SOLD OUT!!! ROMA - The classic multi-purpose tomato. Firm flesh and few seeds. Great for slicing, salsa, canning, freezing or sauce. Most of the fruits ripen around the same time, which is handy for canning or freezing.
  • SOLD OUT!!! SAN MARZANO - Famous Italian cooking tomato that makes the best sauce! Fruits are longer than Romas, with dry flesh that cooks down easily into sauce.
  • SOLD OUT! EARLY DETROIT - A friend shared these seeds with me and I'm in love with these pretty pink tomatoes! Early Detroit was released by D.M. Ferry seed company of Detroit, Michigan in 1909. It was very common in the Detroit area in the 1950’s and 60’s. The fruit is about tennis ball sized and perfect for sandwiches and salads. Also good for cooking and canning.
  • SOLD OUT!!! WISCONSIN 55 - Bred by the University of Wisconsin in the 1940s, this is a versatile tomato with great flavor. Smooth, large tomatoes. Plants are extremely productive. An old-time favorite.       


  • SOLD OUT!!! RUTGERS - Looking for a classic red tomato? Look no further! Rutgers is an old time favorite, popular since WWII when it was the primary tomato breed used in commercial tomato production (and made Campbell's tomato soup famous!). This tomato is great for any purpose (slicing, salsa, jucing, canning, freezing, sauce), but I make sure to grow plenty to can and freezer for our own tomato soup. Delicious!
  • BLACK CHERRY - Everyone who buys this cherry tomato comes back to the farm and raves about it! It's that good. The fruits are a lovely dusky pink/purple color and slightly larger than a classic cherry tomato. These look lovely when paired with red and yellow cherry tomatoes.
  • PEACEVINE CHERRY - A classic red cherry tomato with great taste and good productivity.
  • GOLD NUGGET - Always among the first to ripen, Gold Nugget has an unusually rich, sweet flavor. Vigorous plants are loaded with round golden fruit from early in the season 'til frost.


  • GROWING IN PLACE - Oh. My. Goodness. These teeny, tiny tomatoes are like candy. You can't stop eating them! I just stand in the garden and pop them in my mouth. About half the size of a classic cherry tomato, but twice the flavor! The plants are incredibly vigorous and highly productive. Be sure to provide a trellis or stake for the plant to climb on, as it can easily grow 7-10 feet high.
  • SUNRISE BUMBLEBEE - The first of the "Bumblebee Series". All are slightly larger than classic cherry tomatoes. Gorgeous golden yellow cherry tomato with pink/red stripes. Sweet flavor.


  • PINK BUMBLEBEE - Second in the "Bumblebee Series". Beautiful combination of pink, with yellow and orange stripes. Great flavor.


  • PURPLE BUMBLEBEE - Third in the "Bumblebee Series". Dusky purple with metallic green striping. Sweet, earthy flavor.
Bottom: Sunrise Bumblebee.  Top Right: Pink Bumblebee.  Top Left: Purple Bumblebee

Bottom: Sunrise Bumblebee.  Top Right: Pink Bumblebee.  Top Left: Purple Bumblebee


Peppers -$3.50

  • SOLD OUT!!! KING OF THE NORTH - Beautiful classic sweet red bell pepper. Ripens from green to red. Bred specifically to ripen in time for those of us growing in Northern climates. If you have not had much success with Red California Wonder peppers, give King of the North a try!


  • SOLD OUT!! GOURMET - Classic sweet orange bell pepper. Ripens from green to orange.


  • SOLD OUT!! CANARY YELLOW - Classic sweet yellow pepper. Ripens from green to yellow.


  • SOLD OUT!!! YUM YUM GOLD - The perfect snack sized pepper! Plants are loaded with delicious sweet yellow mini peppers. My daughter's favorite! (*This is a hybrid pepper, which means seeds will not save true to type.)


  • SOLD OUT! POBLANO - Mild hot pepper that is wonderful for frying or diced into salsa. Fruits are conical shape and dark green, ripening to red. Usually eaten at the green stage. When dried, they are called "ancho peppers".


  • SOLD OUT!!! JALAPENO - The classic hot pepper. Great for pickling, frying, salsa and fresh eating. Don't forget jalapeno poppers!


  • RING-O-FIRE CAYENNE - "And it burns, burns, burns...the ring-o-fire. The ring-o-fire." Johnny Cash was right! These pepper do burn! Great fresh in salsa or your favorite dish, or try drying them and making your own dried red pepper flakes.

Herbs -$3.50

  • SOLD OUT!!! BASIL - A must have if you plant tomatoes! Perfect for Caprese Salad or making pesto.